Meet the world’s foremost Loch Ness Monster hunter

Via Salon.com: ‘The monster hunter isn’t quitting.

Do not believe the news reports that pinged around the world last month faster than the flick of a dragon’s tail.

Steve Feltham, full-time professional seeker of the Loch Ness Monster, holder of the Guinness World Record for longest continuous vigil for “Nessie,” has reached no conclusions about the cryptid that may or may not inhabit this freshwater lake in the Scottish Highlands.

He has not determined that Nessie is a giant catfish. He has not ended his search. He is not walking away from his dream.

“I’m not leaving Loch Ness,” Feltham, 52, says in a video filmed inside the van where he lives and posted to his website. “Never have intended to. Never will, until we solve this mystery.”..’