2 thoughts on “6 links that will show you what Google knows about you

  1. So glad to see that Google knows nothing about me! I’ve contained all my Google-related content to a different browser than I do most things on, and that and occasional cache-clearing appears to have done the job. Duck Duck Go does great searches! :)


  2. Blimey. Medium yanked the link. Very likely for copyright scraping.

    As a puzzle I’ve been looking for the original author. 9to5 acknowledged a possible but iffy source: http://9to5google.com/2014/11/18/heres-a-detailed-overview-of-what-google-knows-about-you/.

    Within 2-3 days, 100s perhaps 1000s of ‘media firms’ as well as private sites scraped and pasted this story, most as revenue click bait, very many as sincere passing along.

    Shame. It’s a sloppy damn shame we’ve neglected to police outright copy/paste. Perhaps rude music authoritarians turned us off and we stopped discussing the web’s community values.

    I watch for byline and date and source. It’s mostly a healthy hobby that leads to fine authors. But it’s painful there’s so many basement ‘publications’ immorally earning advert coins. Google and ad bureau could make some headway by withholding checks to shill scrapers.

    Ah well. Just sending a note.
    Your site’s in my RSS reader for years.
    So anyway, thanks.


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