Fox News psychiatrist Keith Ablow calls for “American jihad”

Fox News doctor’s creepy jingoism: Keith Ablow calls for “American jihad” -

Via  ‘Fox News “Medical A Team” member Keith Ablow thinks “it’s time for an American jihad.”

Ablow issued his summons in a column he penned for Fox News on Tuesday. Noting that definitions of jihad include “war or struggle against unbelievers” and “a crusade for principle or belief,” Ablow calls on the U.S. to wage a domestic and international jihad to remind Americans and citizens around the world that America is, by definition, exceptional and perfect and noble. Ablow’s jihad entails a mixture of quasi-fascist, jingoistic propaganda; messianic crusades to force other countries to adopt U.S. institutions and political practices; and the installation of puppet regimes around the globe. What could go wrong?’


One thought on “Fox News psychiatrist Keith Ablow calls for “American jihad”

  1. Every day that I believe Fox has gone as far as possible to the edge of insanity, they somehow cross the line and go even more insane the next day. Their talking heads are bad enough, such as this clown, but what does it say for the mental shortages of their followers???


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