Texas Health Worker Tests Positive for Ebola

Via NYTimes: ‘A health care worker here who helped treat the Liberian man who died last week of the Ebola virus has tested positive for the disease in a preliminary test, state health officials said Sunday.The worker, who was not identified, was an employee of Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, where the first person diagnosed with Ebola in the United States, Thomas E. Duncan, died last week.

Dr. Daniel Varga, chief clinical officer of Texas Health Resources, which oversees Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, told reporters on Sunday that the worker came into contact with Mr. Duncan during his second visit to the emergency room. The person was wearing protective gear at the time, though Dr. Varga did not elaborate on the type of contact or the type of job the person has at the hospital.“This individual was following full C.D.C. precautions,” Dr. Varga said, adding, “Gown, glove, mask and shield.” ‘

Some people may ask how this could have happened. But I am asking, How could it have not?

One thought on “Texas Health Worker Tests Positive for Ebola

  1. Yeah, I sort of have the same response to the fact that the original patient died — not only was he diagnosed very late, but this disease has a 50% death rate, and magical Western medicine can only do so much to blunt that. The first two health workers were very lucky, and I wish this one all the best. I don’t think it will be the last…


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