2 thoughts on “Can You Ever Really Know an Extraterrestrial?

  1. Please see David Jacobs’ book, The Threat. Some people who are abducted have a relationship with an alien-human hybrid and know about them extensively. Abductees with thought screen helmets also tell me what the aliens do and what the aliens ask. Please see alien capabilities and in-capabilities on aliensandchildren.org. The aliens Dave and I deal with have studied us for 130 years and they do not know why we brush our teeth, what soap is used for or how cooking utensils work. There are no movies about the thought screen helmet, children being abducted, alien-human hybrids and the epidemic of autism possibly caused by incompetent alien scientists from space. Please see the information about the cause of the autism epidemic on aliensandchildren.org. The drawings are authentic. I still need to label and describe all of them.


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