Powdered caffeine in salt shakers is now a thing

‘Thats right, researchers have developed powdered caffeine, so you can skip the coffee and instead simply grab a salt shaker filled with energy.

Known as CaffeinAll, the new salt shaker product is developed by Caffex, the company who brought us caffeinated marshmallows, and its ready to turn everything into energy food think caffeine-laced french fries.

Ignoring the fact that this sounds like a pretty bad idea for a second, Caffex are claiming the product is “the worlds only odourless, non-bitter, take-with-you-anywhere, use with anything caffeine powder”. They also claim it offers a cheaper and more efficient way for people to get a caffeine hit.

Although powdered caffeine has been around for a few years, Caffex have just recently launched the new salt shaker packaging, which theyre attempting to fund via IndieGoGo its still not even a third of the way to its funding goal of US$25,000 with only nine days left. The creators suggest that just one sprinkle – around 33mg of caffeine – will be enough to get most people buzzing. Three sprinkles have more caffeine than a Red Bull.’  (Science Alert).


2 thoughts on “Powdered caffeine in salt shakers is now a thing

  1. Man, I once bought caffeinated mints and found that i never wanted to eat them (even at bridge tournaments, which had been my thought). I guess there’s something to the ritual and taste of the beverages, as well as some… squickishness about reducing caffeine to a medicine to that degree. odd.


  2. I once saw a recipe for homemade cola. It had dire warnings about wearing gloves when working with powdered caffeine in order to avoid death. This is probably less concentrated than pure caffeine, but I still wonder if using it in combination with all the other caff-heavy products out there will result in deaths.


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