All the aircrafts that have mysteriously vanished since 1948

‘As this Bloomberg map shows, Malaysian flight 370 is not the first flight to mysteriously disappear. 83 flights have vanished since 1948—80 of them never to be found again (the dots in yellow). This map only includes flights capable of carrying more than 14 passengers.

Some more curious stats:

  • Five planes were missing in the famous Bermuda Triangle.
  • The DC-3 is the airplane with the higher count of disappearances: 19.
  • The average number of people missing: 13.
  • The average number of vanished flight per year: 1.2.’ (Gizmodo).
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One thought on “All the aircrafts that have mysteriously vanished since 1948

  1. Abby Levine 18 Mar 14 / 8.26 am

    Shocking that three aircraft disappeared off the coast of Vietnam in 1966, eh? Also, a little misleading is that this is a far more electronically sophisticated era in which planes, in theory, should never disappear. The older disappearances are somehow much more comprehensible. It’s a big world… Somehow I think this one (or its remains) will be found. I think there’s more info about it than has come to light. And, I suspect that there’s black technology which may be withholding info. There usually is. And I’m no conspiracist.


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