10 Recipes for Guaranteed Unhappiness

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‘How come we keep getting lost on our way to happiness and yet many of us are masters in the “art” of unhappiness?

To cut a long story short, here they are:

  • Be, act and feel a victim!
  • Be angry, you have reasons!
  • Control everything, all the time!
  • Do everything perfectly all the time!
  • Please everyone!
  • Be convinced that life is a jungle where only lions thrive!
  • Be busy!
  • Always be dissatisfied!
  • Trust no one!
  • Always expect the worst!’ (Medium).
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Why The Blair Witch Project Is Still the Scariest Movie Ever

Blair Witch was at mt.Charleston - IMG_7195

‘Why Blair Witch remains one of the most frightening films ever made is precisely because of what all those so-called “reality” techniques don’t show. The found-footage and the first-person camera and even the low budget actually enabled a lack of information that allowed our imagination to fill in the blanks. It was the standard ghost story we’d all grown up with, but we were able to annotate it with whatever version of that story that had terrified us when we were seven. We wanted to believe. And we did. Some of us a little too much.’ (Gizmodo).

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The Left Must Derail Hillary Clinton in the Primaries

Hillary Rodham Clinton, January 2007

John R. MacArthur: ‘As a presidential contest between Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush in 2016 appears ever more likely, it’s a good moment to ask what alternative exists to lying down and letting such a campaign drown the body politic.

Time is short. The queen of cynics, New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd, already has pronounced her gorgon’s judgment on the inevitability of Hillary versus Jeb. “The looming prospect of another Clinton–Bush race makes us feel fatigued,” yawns the perpetually bored Dowd, who, on the contrary, relishes a future of easy columns mocking America’s two leading political dynasties.

What about the rest of us? Is it inevitable that we swallow the nomination of

Jeb Bush

the neo-liberal Clinton, whose support of Bush’s Iraq madness (not to mention Obama’s Afghan and Libyan stupidity) and her husband’s recklessly pro-“free trade,” pro-banker, pro-deregulation politics ought to send reasonable liberals fleeing? Is it predestined that principled conservatives accept the anointment of the thoroughly fraudulent Jeb, whose support of his brother’s interventionist folly, along with his own outrageous meddling as governor of Florida to “rescue” brain-dead Terri Schiavo, should give pause to even the greediest oil baron seeking patronage from a Republican administration?’ (Harper’s Magazine).

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Rescuing the Atomic Dog

Nuclear weapon test Bravo (yield 15 Mt) on Bik...

‘Can dogs survive nuclear fallout? Indeed they can.

In 1958, American scientists were stunned to find a canine survivor of the disastrous Castle Bravo test—the largest ever U.S. nuclear detonation. It also took a little politicking with American Airlines to rescue the pooch.

For science.

…If it wasn’t for [Ernest Williams, a trustee at the National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas], the atomic dog would have been left stranded on a contaminated Pacific atoll.’ (Medium).

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New International Pact Aims to Protect the Sargasso Sea—Why It’s Worth Saving

‘Five countries signed an agreement this week committing to the protection of the Sargasso Sea, which occupies a vast stretch of the North Atlantic Ocean around Bermuda.

The Sargasso has long attracted the attention of conservationists and scientists because it hosts a rich diversity of wildlife, including leatherback sea turtles, humpback whales, and bluefin tuna. The animals eat and take shelter in a seaweed called sargassum, which floats in massive quantities in the area—some say it looks like a golden, floating rain forest—and gives the sea its name.

Fishing and shipping traffic threatens to unravel this biologically rich ecosystem, on top of broader threats like climate change and ocean acidification.

The new nonbinding agreement on the Sargasso, called the Hamilton Declaration, is a first for the high seas.’ (National Geographic).