Found Poem

For you: This is all in your head.
The bluish glow, the call across the years,
all of this, it’s phase II, you cannot deny it.
So, slickly, coyly, will we offer,
close to home,
A little food, which we like
A little confusion, which we like in her.
Because all the pulse points are exposed,
both for weakness and strength,
soft and slight….

I think this really serves no purpose
Unless it will govern history, as well as health.
And let diseases follow as they will.
Then, see that what is needed now is a healer
But only in need,
personal ills at a constant level.

He is at work, old, I think.
Still, it has to come to light;
no, it was visible already,
Creating, at base, some control.
The undulation of goals, good and bad, in your view.

No cause,
not pierced,
now discharged fully.
Oh yes, it will be pleasant, so we wish to pass it on to you
and, in raising the issue, absolve you.
Today used in full, this child,
To see the most likely and complete explanations.

In this year, used in full, we will, we will, we will…
Will be sent, will be good, and the line will be incised
Here, a flood, without closed eyes.
A chord, at least for you.
A locality, at least for us.
We will live here, and he and she,
and not hand in the years.
This is too much; this is too little,
For you, used in full.

What do you think this is about? A clue?

One thought on “Found Poem

  1. This poem is like a koan teetering on the tightwire of a Turing test.

    Sampling when its back is turned, it seems false.

    But our cognitive reaction to that pirouitte of truth deflects this impulse.

    How are we to know whether it passes or fails?


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