Google Adds Another Cool Tool to Search: The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

“Forget using

Kevin Bacon

Google’s more powerful search operators, the best ones are the most fun ones. We’ve seen ’tilt’ and ‘do a barrel roll’, but over the past day or so, the company has added another cool new search operator: Bacon number.No, it’s not a label that meatpacking companies assign to their pork products. It’s actually a new tool that calculates the connection between actors and actresses and the most famous actor never to have been nominated for an Academy Award.Or as we know it: the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.To use it, type in the words ‘Bacon number’ without quotes, followed by an actor or actresses name. Google will come back with how closely he/she has been to Kevin Bacon.” (Google).

One thought on “Google Adds Another Cool Tool to Search: The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

  1. I wasted tons of time over the weekend with this. I never came up with anyone higher than 3. I tried actors from the silent film era. I tried foreign actors. I tried people who worked 98% in TV in the 40’s and 50’s. I thought I had arrived at real inspiration when I started dropping in actors I majored in drama with in college who had limited film careers, but no such luck. One actress who’s worked constantly in TV for over 30 years but only appeared in one movie was still a 2 because a fellow graduate of the same school was in it with her and he appeared in one of Bacon’s very first movies.

    The closest thing to success I got was with an actor/Pulitzer Prize winning playwright. When I typed in “Bacon number Robert Schenkkan”, I got the search results for typing only “Robert Schenkkan” even though he is definitely a 2 since he was in “The Manhattan Project” with John Lithgow.


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