R.I.P. Chris Ethridge

Flying Burrito Brother Dies at 65: “Chris Ethridge, a founding member of the country-rock band “The Flying Burrito Brothers,”died here on Monday. He was 65.He learned he had pancreatic cancer in September, his family said.Mr. Ethridge, a bassist and a songwriter, spent eight years on the road with Willie Nelson. He played alongside Gram Parsons in the Flying Burrito Brothers and the International Submarine Band and co-wrote several of Mr. Parsons’ solo tunes.In later years, Mr. Ethridge played with Jackson Browne, Linda Ronstadt, Ry Cooder and other stars, both as a session musician and touring player.” (NYTimes.com obituary)

Ethridge was smack dab at the center of the musical scene I enjoyed so much back in those years. Along with Levon Helm’s passing, the music is much diminished this week.