What kind of tourist are you?

Tourism's Merry Mountain
Tourism’s ‘Merry Mountain’

‘ “For as long as people have been able to travel, they have been drawn (…) towards sites, attractions or events that are linked in one way or another with death, suffering, violence or disaster. ” As disturbing as it may sound, chances are pretty high that you have been guilty of this so-called dark tourism yourself. Think about it…’ (via Getaway Travel Blog).

One thought on “What kind of tourist are you?

  1. have been to Hiroshima and Dachau, as side trips in much longer visits to the usual cultural, artistic, and culinary sites of the respective countries. avoiding them feels as artificial as visiting, in some cases…

    and no, still no visit to Ground Zero, despite several visits to New York. don’t feel any draw at all…


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