Is The “Paleolithic Diet” Really Better?

Primate skulls provided courtesy of the Museum...

GOOD Asks the Experts: A roundtable discussion among four anthropologists (who know what they are talking about with respect to our Paleolithic ancestors). Did our evolutionary forebears evolve eating alot of meat? Should we?

Leonard: Although there’s an extraordinary range of variation, based on the climate and the environment, hunter-gatherers get a fair amount of meat in their diet. We require a diet that is more energy-dense than other primates and historically, we may have reached that point by incorporating more meat. It’s reflected in evolutionary changes in our face, our teeth, and in our gastrointestinal tract. Indeed, the GI tract of modern humans looks more like a carnivore’s than a large primate’s. Because early humans increasingly used tools to hunt, we don’t show the same kinds of dental adaptations as modern carnivores…” (via GOOD).