Day: October 24, 2010

Dollars For Docs

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Drug Co. Flattery Wins Docs, Influences Prescriptions : Part of an NPR exposé on a major way in which the pharmaceutical industry gets doctors to whore for it. It was of course obvious to me that the main purpose of funding doctors’ educational talks was to make a profit, but I was surprised (although, after listening to this series, it seems indubitable) that the major impact of enlisting a physician into a “speakers’ bureau” is to influence not the prescribing practices of his or her audiences but that of the speaker h’self.

Against Mental Pollution

Dear NASA, my name is Jeff Crouse...

“Call it advertisement hacking. Technology-inspired artists have designed ways for you to mask or perhaps even delete company logos in your field of view as you wander around a city or shopping centre.The trend subverts a technology called augmented reality ARMovie Camera, by which virtual information – say restaurant ratings – is overlain on the real world as you peer through smart glasses or a smartphone camera.New York artist Jeff Crouse has designed a program called Unlogo, which detects corporate logos in a video stream, then replaces them. The software uses a computer-vision system, normally used in robotics, to learn to recognise logos at different angles and in varied lighting. His current prototype overlays a logo with a photo of that company’s CEO.The project is still under development and does not yet run in real time, but Crouse’s goal is to produce a video filter for removing logos from, say, home movies.” (via New Scientist)