New Google Service Will Decide For You

“Google is very good at figuring out what text is about. It can pick out ads that are relevant to the content of any Web page, its search engine anticipates the meaning of search terms rather than just finding them in Web sites, and Google’s Chrome browser can tell when you’re visiting a site in a foreign language and helpfully offer to translate.

Now some of that language-processing power is available to everyone in the form of an API that developers can use to have Google distinguish between different categories of text . The service is only available to registered testers and it requires some coding to use, so I’ve built a modest, easy-to-use demonstration…” (Forbes).

The suggestion is to use the demo to distinguish between text in English and French, which is pretty trivial, so I gave it a more difficult challenge. After I had it sample one random paragraph each from Wall Street Journal and the New York Times online content, in 3:3 trials it successfully distinguished the source of further random paragraphs.The implications for categorizing a person’s demographic and sociopolitical niche from their reading choices are clear.