Recently, several people have offered to buy links on FmH to their services or products. In case it wasn’t already clear, this will serve as a reminder that links here are never sold. Offering to pay me to link to you is a sure way to get me to disregard anything you might have to offer.

  2 comments for “Housekeeping

  1. Abby Levine
    25 Aug 10 at 6.46 pm

    But you could earn additional money, while proving that you won’t compromise your exercise of free speech.


  2. 26 Aug 10 at 10.05 am

    Yeah, I get this constantly for several web sites I run. The weird thing is that they offer to buy advertising space, but these days, the primary value is not to get people from your site to theirs but to game Google by getting links from sites that are high trust (been around a long time, have frequently updated content, etc.). Such links improve their search engine placement. We live in a strange time. And yeah, I ignore them, too.


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