Temporary Reprieve, but Wolves Remain in Danger

Kodiak, a 13-year-old captive North American w...
“On August 5, 2010, in response to an Earthjustice lawsuit, a federal judge reinstated Endangered Species Act protections for northern Rockies gray wolves.

In 2009, the Obama administration decided to pursue the Bush-era policy of removing the wolves from the endangered species list. Wolves were delisted on May 4, 2009, and more than two hundred were killed in fall hunts in Montana and Idaho as a result.

For years, Earthjustice has gone to court to ensure that wolves can recover from the brink of extinction in the U.S. Although this latest victory has blocked the planned fall 2010 wolf hunts, the fight to protect gray wolves is not over yet. Learn about the complex story of the wolves and the efforts to save them in an interactive timeline.”  (Earthjustice)