R.I.P. Daniel Schorr

Daniel Schorr

Journalism Legend Dies At 93:

“Daniel Schorr, a longtime senior news analyst for NPR and a veteran Washington journalist who broke major stories at
home and abroad during the Cold War and Watergate, has died. He was 93.Schorr, who once described himself as a “living history book,” passed away Friday morning at a Washington hospital. His family did not provide a cause of death.As a journalist, Schorr was able to bring to contemporary news commentary a deep sense of how governmental institutions and players operate, as well as the perspective gained from decades of watching history upfront.” (NPR)

I have enjoyed Schorr’s NPR commentaries for years. Anyone on Nixon’s Enemies List has a certain amount of caché with me to begin with, but add to that that Schorr continued to plug away for the causes in which he believed well into his 90’s. It did become abit painful to listen to him in the past year or two, as he was obviously slipping, needing alot of prompting in his commentaries, and speaking in banalities. But we got to continue to bask in the presence of living history. Here is NPR host Scott Simon’s remembrance of him.

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  1. he was a liar for israel and jewish issues. ’bout time the world is rid of him.


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