A New Term for Lousy Parenting

“The Chicago Sun-Times columnist Mary Mitchell coined a new phrase last week and began a war of words.

Mitchell, who is African-American, and who has long been a strong voice tackling parenting challenges she sees as particular to her community, blamed what she called “ghetto parenting” for condemning children to failure.

In a column titled “Ghetto Parenting Dooms Kids: Deck Stacked Against Those Who Were Raised in the Streets,” she defines her new term like this…”  [more] (New York Times )

One thought on “A New Term for Lousy Parenting

  1. well, there are a *lot* of ways to be a bad parent, but this description encapsulates one type that I seem to bump into every day. I’d add something about thinking it’s appropriate to keep your tiny kids up to all hours just because those are the hours *you* keep — sleep deprivation is one of the big things that holds back a subset of kids in the early grades of school, but nobody talks about it.

    anyway, the problem is that both the word choice and the phenomenon are more prevalent among a racial and economic subset of folks, and thus it’s impossible for this not to seem broadly judgemental. and, of course, criticizing others’ parenting choices pushes a lot of buttons. but there’s a lot of support for the fact that there are different cultural styles of parenting, and that those most prevalent in the upper classes (talking and reading to kids, encouraging their good behavior) tend to yield better outcomes than those most prevalent in the lower classes (yelling at kids, punishing their undesirable behavior) — it could sure be handled more delicately though, as in [digs around, unable to find article about interventions that help parents be more positive and use less physical discipline, with good effects. crap!]… sigh.


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