Phil Agre found

In November, I wrote about his disappearance. As someone who was a participant in and subscriber to his ‘Red Rock Eaters’ mailing list for the duration, I wanted to repost the missing person’s alert about him to spread the word. He was certainly someone who would know how to drop off the grid if he wished to, but I worried, as did many, that something more dire had happened to him.Now the UCLA police dept. posts this update (pdf).

One thought on “Phil Agre found

  1. wow, vague much? I guess it means he dropped off the grid deliberately and prefers not to be “found” (or outed to his relatives and friends). good that “nothing dire” happened, but he could well have had some sort of break, in giving up job, home, and friends without warning.

    still, sometimes such mysteries are the stuff of life.


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