The vast left-brain conspiracy

A chimpanzee brain at the Science Museum London

‘I use the term “neuro-enthusiasta” for those given to excessive excitement over what brain science teaches. I have been warning, often in these pages, of its mostly amusing excesses and its tendency to produce newspaper headlines exclaiming that the brain “lights up” when people think and feel various things.

Still, I did not foresee “neuro-” becoming a universal prefix. We have neuro-economics, neuro-theology, neuro-aesthetics and now, if Iain McGilchrist is to be believed, neuro-history.’ — Owen Flanagan (New Scientist)

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One thought on “The vast left-brain conspiracy

  1. Interesting article. I’ve long believed that religion originated from the right brain sending intuitive messages to the left brain in symbols which the left brain interpreted as coming from an outside, supernatural force.

    Robert Anton Wilson was only half-joking 20 years ago when he suggested that since all human knowledge is mediated by the human brain, every field of science should add the prefix “neuro”. (See, among others, “Quantum Neuropsychology”.)


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