Humans Wonder, Anybody Home?

Synaptic Gasp

Clues to consciousness in nonmammals: “Many people (some scientists among them) would like to believe that consciousness sets the human mind apart from the rest of the animal kingdom. But whether in humans or other creatures, behavioral signs of cognizance all arise from the tangled interactions of neurons in the brain. So a growing number of scientists contend that animals with brain structures and neural circuitry similar to humans’ might experience something like human awareness, even if a bit less sophisticated.” (Science News)

2 thoughts on “Humans Wonder, Anybody Home?

  1. Ned in Zurich

    Concerning purported misdiagnosis of “locked in” syndrome, elsewhere it’s discussed that “facilitated communication” is involved, in which a second person guides the hand of the patient. A highly dubious process. Cf. Huffpost or Pharyngula.


  2. Charles

    Most people with pets have been certain for years that at least mammals possess sentience. Apparently we were being too cautious rather than too daring.


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