‘The most inconvenient truth of all’

Brazilian Indigenous chiefs of the Kayapo trib...
Brazilian indigenous chiefs of the Kayapo tribe

“Measures to stop global warming risk being as harmful to tribal peoples as climate change itself, according to a new report from Survival.

The report, ‘The most inconvenient truth of all: climate change and indigenous people’, sets out four key ‘mitigation measures’ that threaten tribal people:

1. Biofuels: promoted as an alernative, ‘green’ source of energy to fossil fuels, much of the land allocated to grow them is the ancestral land of tribal people. If biofuels expansion continues as planned, millions of indigenous people worldwide stand to lose their land and livelihoods.

2. Hydro-electric power: A new boom in dam construction in the name of combating climate change is driving thousands of tribal people from their homes.

3. Forest conservation: Kenya’s Ogiek hunter-gatherers are being forced from the forests they have lived in for hundreds of years to ‘reverse the ravages’ of global warming.

4. Carbon offsetting: Tribal peoples’ forests now have a monetary value in the booming ‘carbon credits’ market. Indigenous people say this will lead to forced evictions and the ‘theft of our land’.” (Survival International)

One thought on “‘The most inconvenient truth of all’

  1. The truth is far, far worse than this suggests. “Tribal peoples” (who typically live on <$1/day) desperately need clean water, adequate sanitation, better shelter, basic hygiene… Diverting capital from global economic growth, and aid from these basic needs, impacts the very poor the most.

    The total aid provided by all the western nations in the wake of the 2004 Aceh tsunami was less than the import duties western nations collected on goods that receipient countries exported. But the economic harm caused by those duties is minuscule compared to the damage the warmists hope to wreak.


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