Let there be night

‘The public's “right to starlight” is steadily being eroded by urban illumination that is the bane of astronomers everywhere, says the International Astronomical Union.

The body, which wrapped up an 11-day general assembly in Rio de Janeiro that attracted galaxy-gazers from around the world, argues that authorities should use more unobtrusive lighting in cities and towns.

Such moves would not only free up the night skies to make for easier viewing, but also promote environmental protection, energy savings and tourism, it said in a resolution.’ (ABC Science).

One thought on “Let there be night

  1. I went camping in the Sierra Nevada mountains in California a couple of weeks ago. I could see the Milky Way very clearly. It was just unbelievably beautiful. It’s so sad that there are so many people who have never seen it, and even have no idea it exists.


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