Did Michael Jackson suicide?

There has been much web speculation at times past that he was suicidal (Google search). In a total vacuum about autopsy findings, I wonder if it is reasonable to speculate about whether he took his own life, as troubled as he evidently was mentally, and with incredible mounting financial woes.

3 thoughts on “Did Michael Jackson suicide?

  1. I caused considerable offense right after it happened by asking whether he’d faked his own death because ‘isn’t that just the kind of thing he’d do?’


  2. I think it might have been a suicide as well, we will know for sure when they’ll say what he was taking…


  3. I think when someone is aneoric(which also causes heart problems) and lives on drugs to stay in this world, they are causing suicide anyway, whether it is was a dilberate act or not on June 25.

    He experienced enormous pain just living in this world.


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