Can right-wing hate talk lead to murder?

“I was on Hardball today talking about the climate of extreme right-wing rhetoric today, and whether it had anything to do with Wednesday's tragic shooting at Washington's Holocaust Museum, or the May 31 murder of Dr. George Tiller by an antiabortion crackpot.

I tried to choose my words carefully. Unless it's shown that either man had accomplices, we have to be clear that the men responsible for those murders are the ones who pulled the trigger. Still, it's hard not to think about the extreme right-wing rhetoric, especially about Barack Obama, and whether it could conceivably lead to more right-wing violence.” Can right-wing hate talk lead to murder? – Joan Walsh (Salon)

One thought on “Can right-wing hate talk lead to murder?

  1. “Lead to” is a pretty soft standard. I’d have to say ‘absolutely.’ Now if you use the word ’cause’, I’ll be more reserved in my judgment.


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