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  1. The following is a poem from my blog, I would like some feed back.

    Sunday, June 14, 2009
    Can You
    Can you hear my heart
    it is saying, “I love you”
    can you see the desire
    I have for you in my eyes
    when I touch you
    can you feel the security I can give
    trust me
    can you
    When our lips touch
    can you feel the tingle in your body
    and as we caress each other
    can you feel that our love is growing
    when the foreplay begins
    can you feel the ecstasy building
    as we make love
    can you feel the penetration of paradise
    trust me
    can you
    Can you imagine
    a love that never dies
    can you envision the two of use
    together forever
    when I say I love you
    can you believe it’s true
    when I ask you to marry me
    can you say yes
    trust me
    can you.
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