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  1. The financial/economic crisis is still on my mind. Have we seen the worst yet ? Or does the economy still haven’t reached the bottom ?
    What are the consequences for our societies (I’m from Germany) ? Is the western civilisation stable enough to endure a long recession ?

    (Please excuse this “rudimentary” english in such an educated blog…)


  2. I don’t think I’m qualified to answer those questions, but there is an area I don’t see discussed much that is certainly critical to finding answers. As businesses continue to pursue infinite income growth in a finite system, one of the things they do is increase automation and decrease work force. This is obviously self-defeating since people without jobs can’t buy the products. Despite being the originator of the notion that everyone should own a car (which has resulted in our insane burning up of all our most valuable organic compounds) Henry Ford clearly understood that your workers have to be able to afford your product or your company has no future. High unemployment and/or low wages lead to lower sales.

    One of the most creative solutions for this I’ve run across comes from the late Robert Anton Wilson in his trilogy, Schrodinger’s Cat. I believe it’s in volume 2, The Universe Next Door, in which our first female President completely remakes our economic system. It’s a little too complicated for me to break down here, but I heartily recommend this and other works by Wilson as motivators for flexible, creative thinking about issues like this.


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