101 Fascinating Brain Blogs

A sketch of the human brain by artist Priyan W...

“Whether you are a specialist in the field of neuropsychology or just love reading about how the human brain works, there are plenty of interesting blogs on the Internet to help you find out more. In order to make it easier to for you to discover great blogs, the following list is categorized for easy browsing. With blogs by psychiatrists, scientists, psychologist, and even those dealing with mental disorders, you will find many thoughtful and thought-provoking blogs to keep your brain stimulated.”

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  1. I came across your “Verlaine and Rimbaud, armed and dangerous” blog through a search. I’m curious about the writer implying that Verlaine and Rimbaud were lovers. I’ve always heard that they were, but have read several biographes on Rimbaud and have never seen a romantic relationship with Verlaine mentioned. I know it’s a completely meaningless division, but i’m just curious. Do you know any of the details of the situation?


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