70’s Rock Musicians and Their Parents at Home

From the archives of LIFE Magazine

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One thought on “70’s Rock Musicians and Their Parents at Home

  1. Interesting. My son left a Time magazine at my house over the weekend and their was a profile of Malcolm Gladwell in it. What he basically said was – ‘your nobody till somebody loves you.’ Well he actually said – “…no one- not rock stars, not professional athletes, not software billionaires, not even geniuses – ever makes it alone.” These pictures of rocks stars and their family members really bring it “home” that there were other people supporting them in one way or another that probably enabled them to achieve what they did.
    As a child who was truly unwanted, abandoned and finally basically left to fend completely for myself at the age of 15, it helps me put what I had to do to survive, and how hard and long and seemingly unforgivable all of my horrendous mistakes were, into a different perspective. I mean, I can’t even imagine what standing in my parent’s living room would be like right now- but these rock stars, a couple of them I used to project my own angst upon, were actually hanging out around that time, with their own parents, for a lovely and historically relevant photo shoot.
    Anyway – I just happened to be thinking about this very topic – sin and rock stars and Malcom Gladwell and me and some other seemingly random stuff, when this pictorial popped up! (Happens like that a lot.)
    Oh, and it’s all good now – I’m just working through some remnants.


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