"That One…"

…as McCain Calls Obama In Debate: ‘”During a discussion about energy, McCain punctuates a contrast with Obama by referring to him as “that one,” while once again not looking in his opponent’s direction (merely jabbing a finger across his chest). That’s not going to win McCain any Miss Congeniality points. Nor will it reassure any voters who believe McCain is improperly trying to capitalize on Obama’s “otherness.”

This goes beyond refusing to look at Obama in the first debate. With this slightly dehumanizing phrase, McCain may have just played into the emerging narrative of Obama-hate that has been sprouting at McCain-Palin rallies.

Darren Davis, a professor at Notre Dame who specializes in the role of race in politics, sent a comment to the Huffington Post about McCain’s “that one” remark. “It speaks volumes about how McCain feels personally about Obama. Whomever said the town hall format helps McCain is dead wrong,” Davis wrote.’

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(All from Huffington Post)

I have never had more fear that the level of rancor in the population being tapped into against a presidential candidate will get him assassinated.