‘Dad solved other people’s problems – but not his own’

The saddening death of Adam Laing. Laing was the son of one of the twentieth century’s most controversial and celebrated psychotherapists,R.D. Laing. Adam died a lonely death from an apparent heart attack after a night of drinking and possibly drugging, having reportedly sunken into depression after the end of a relationship. R. D. Laing, also with a history of depression and substance use, died of a heart attack at 61. The senior Laing pioneered one genre of exploration into the relationship between family interactions and madness. ‘It was ironic that my father became well-known as a family psychiatrist,when, in the meantime, he had nothing to do with his own family.’ Further ironic that his father’s work becomes the main theme of hdiscussion of his son’s death, overshadowing the pathos here too. (Guardian.UK)