Newest Retirement Strategy?

//' cannot be displayed] Buy the new ‘forever postage stamps’ now but save them. They cost 41 cents apiece but the USPS promises they will be good for first class postage no matter how high it goes. One Lifehacker reader says that a postal worker gave him this advice when he went to buy stamps this week (the first class rate goes up to 41 cents as of next Monday, 5/14). Of course, the USPS may be persuading us all to sink our savings into postage stamps because they know something about the impending obsolescence of snail mail that we don’t.

DSM-IV and ICD-10 Diagnostic Codes

“Have you ever wondered what your doctor has written in your records? Sure, you can ask. But, such questions might slip your mind in the limited time of a visit. Or, you may not feel comfortable. If you have ever received a carbon copy form your doctor filled out (e.g., to request lab work) you may have seen cryptic codes with check marks next to them. Now you won’t have to wonder what your doctor is recording about you, like I did for weeks until I finally looked it up.

Table 1 : Codes for Mood Disorders

Table 2 : Codes for Substance Induced Mood Disorders

Table 3 : Code Extensions for Severity/Psychotic Features/Remission Specifiers” (A Silver Lining)