Furious Seasons: Caveat Emptor

A weblog about mental healthcare from an investigative journalist who has been a mental health consumer.

“…there isn’t much of a free market of ideas in the mental health world–it’s pretty much the mental health establishment versus the anti-psychiatry movement. Let me stress that I am not a member of the latter movement.

What I am is a long-time psych patient who has become quite skeptical about where we are with mental health in this country…. [and] an actual journalist, for what that might be worth in the blogosphere. I am also mentally-ill, having been diagnosed with bipolar disorder (more commonly called manic-depression back then) in 1989. I have been an attentive eyewitness to the psychopharmacological revolution that has swept this nation since about 1990. I have seen and experienced the good. I have seen and experienced the bad. I have lived the in-between.”