Sheep in Wolves’ Clothing

Private military men patrol Iraq in constant jeopardy of stepping on legal landmines. “You won’t find the word ‘mercenary’ on the homepage of the International Peace Operations Association, the trade group for the private military industry. While many of the IPOA’s member companies are staffed by elite former soldiers of the United States military who now make a living hiring themselves out, the so-called ‘M word’ isn’t in the IPOA’s corporate vocabulary. Members are known as private military companies (often called PMCs) or military service providers, who specialize in ‘private peace operations.’ Their model isn’t ‘Mad’ Mike Hoare, who gained notoriety for his exploits in the Congo during the 1960s and in a failed 1981 coup attempt in the Seychelles; it’s the management consultants of McKinsey & Company. ” (Legal Affairs)