Baring It All for Breast Cancer

Titilllating idea starts out as a joke but becomes ‘bona fide bosom buddy’ to breast cancer research:

“The Blogger Boobie-Thon began in 2002 when its founder, Robyn of Shutterblog fame, launched a campaign to bring her friend to Florida for the holidays. Thanks to a growing collection of ‘rack shots’ — pictures of breasts in various states of undress — the donations mounted quickly.

Robyn soon realized she had an effective fund-raising method on her hands. She donated to breast cancer research all monies above and beyond the cost of the plane ticket.

It’s a clever event, with a strong geek appeal. Both men and women are encouraged to submit pictures of their breasts, either bare or clothed or otherwise decorated.

Creativity counts. Many participants adorn themselves with paint, jewelry, lace, chocolate, you name it — and many work the pink-ribbon motif into the overall design.

Editors sift through the submissions, publishing the clothed breasts in the free area of the site and the bare bosoms in a special, password-protected section. To see the bare breasts, viewers must donate a minimum of $50.” (Wired News)