. . . And Fear of the Unknown

Michael Kinsley, who has Parkinson’s Disease, on the Korean stem cell breakthrough:

“Leon Kass, chairman of the President’s Council on Bioethics, greeted this thrilling news with his usual fatuous call for a ‘moratorium’ on the research that produced it while we think through the morality and all that. Kass seems to imagine bioethics researchers beavering away toward a moral breakthrough even as scientists beaver away at a medical one. All he asks is for the scientists to take a break and let the bioethicists catch up.

But no crash research program is going to produce some dazzling bioethical principle we never thought of before. We know all that we’re going to know about the moral issues, and we just have to decide. There are three issues…” (Washington Post )

BTW, here is a page that will remind you of the many notables who have made their Parkinson’s Disease diagnoses public.