50 Fun Things To Do With Your iPod

Sorry, but as an inveterate Palm and iPod user I find virtually nothing appealing on kottke’s list. An iPod makes a lousy information appliance, and a PDA is, compared to my iPod, a lousy mp3 player. Many of these suggestions thus end up being downright silly, and the potentially useful information-access exploits are handled far far better on my PDA and thus to utilize my iPod in these ways becomes an intolerable compromise when no compromise is needed. Until I can get one data-access appliance that does everything my Palm Tungsten does and more and has at least a 40-80 Gb micro-drive and a music player interface and performance at least as good as my iPod, I have no qualms about carrying around two four* small appliances. Besides, how much worse (oh, around twice as bad?) you would feel, if it were all in one package and you lost it, than if you just lost your iPod or your PDA?

*Let’s not forget about my cellphone and digital pocket camera, another two devices for which one will not do. And, hey, while we’re at it, there’s also my GPS.