Chernobyl: Land of the Dead

“T r u t h o u t presents two stories on nuclear power here. The first, ‘Land of the Dead,’ from the UK Guardian, is an excerpt from a book of horrific accounts of survivors of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster that occurred on April 26, 1986. The second article is a pro-nuclear editorial published in today’s Washington Post by John Ritch, the director general of the World Nuclear Association. Mr. Ritch declares that nuclear power is the only answer to the twin crises of energy supply and global warming, and he asserts that opponents of nuclear power are motivated by ‘unscientific prejudice.’ In light of the ongoing nightmare in Ukraine and Belarus, readers are invited to draw their own conclusions about Mr. Ritch’s use of the term ‘unscientific prejudice.’

Also in today’s edition is an editorial by George Monbiot on the ugly side of wind power and the futility of thinking any new energy technology will allow continued growth. According to Monbiot: ‘The only strategy in any way compatible with environmentalism is one led by a vast reduction in total use.'” (truthout)