Soldiers Are Murdering Detainees in Cold Blood at an Astonishing Rate

U.S. Military Says 26 Inmate Deaths May Be Homicide: “At least 26 prisoners have died in American custody in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2002 in what Army and Navy investigators have concluded or suspect were acts of criminal homicide, according to military officials.

The number of confirmed or suspected cases is much higher than any accounting the military has previously reported. A Pentagon report sent to Congress last week cited only six prisoner deaths caused by abuse, but that partial tally was limited to what the author, Vice Adm. Albert T. Church III of the Navy, called ‘closed, substantiated abuse cases’ as of last September.

The new figure of 26 was provided by the Army and Navy this week after repeated inquiries. In 18 cases reviewed by the Army and Navy, investigators have now closed their inquiries and have recommended them for prosecution or referred them to other agencies for action, Army and Navy officials said. Eight cases are still under investigation but are listed by the Army as confirmed or suspected criminal homicides, the officials said.” (New York Times )

The other day, in my ‘hell in a Handbasket’ post, a commenter was non-plused. Acts of brutality happen during war, no big deal. I was amazed no one begged to differ in the comments section them. Bush and his cronies are heartlessly, brutally, twisting the psyches of a generation of young men and women, making them monsters. Don’t for a moment think that is limited to the 26 GIs who will be prosecuted and scapegoated for these atrocities. It is a condition created by subjecting hundreds of thousands to a twisted, unjust and pointless brutalization of another people.