The World According to Bolton

“On Monday, President Bush nominated John Bolton, an outspoken critic of multinational institutions and a former Jesse Helms protégé, to be the representative to the United Nations. We won’t make the case that this is a terrible choice at a critical time. We can let Mr. Bolton do it for us by examining how things might look if he had his way…” (New York Times editorial)

As usual, the sole criterion Bush appears to use in his appointment choices is loyalty to him. I am sure there is a soundbite somewhere in which Bush fervently affirms his confidence in Bolton and asserts once more, as if saying it with his smarmy mock sincerity will make it so, how much you can trust his instincts. But there is more to this appointment. I find it impossible to believe there is not something deliberately, petulantly defiant in this, Bush giving the finger to the rest of the world. I for one hope they take all due umbrage, and that Bush pays for it.