Hepster’s Dictionary

Are you hep to the jive? Cab Calloway did not invent Jive (the expressions, words, and general patois used by the musicians of Harlem in the Swing Era), but he was definitely the hardest jack with the greatest jive in the joint. I mean that old Cab Calloway had a hard spiel and a kopasetic line that was a killer-diller. You would never hear him comin’ up on the wrong riff or talkin’ in dribbles or comin’ up with no off-time jive. And if he ever did melt out, he’d just blasé up and say, ‘Mash me a fin, gate, so I can cop me a fry’. Then everything would be straight, with his fry, and his fine vines, and his main queen on his arm.” (via Incoming Signals)