The Thomas Jefferson of cyberspace reinvents his body — and his politics.

“(John Perry) Barlow recently surprised many of his libertarian friends by announcing that merely living a bohemian libertarian lifestyle was no longer sufficient. For most of his public career, Barlow had emphasized staking out one’s liberty in your personal life and in the arena of ideas, not the scrum of partisan politics. Now he feels very differently: He believes that the combination of George W. Bush and the rise of “plutocratic” corporations requires direct political engagement, and that getting rid of Bush overrides any other personal or political concerns.”

Reason interviews Barlow, former Wyoming rancher, Grateful Dead lyricist and Electronic Frontier Foundation co-founder. Barlow talks about his upcoming stint as the star of a reality TV show, his new recommendations for ‘bohemian libertarians’, digital freedom, and his recent apprehension at San Francisco Airport as a threat to national security.