We Know What You Did This Summer

New York Lockdown: “If you’re a delegate attending the Republican National Convention at Madison Square Garden later this month, Jamie Moran knows where you’re staying. He knows where you’re eating and what Broadway musical you plan on seeing. For the past nine months, Moran has been living off savings earned as an office manager at a nonprofit and working full-time to disrupt the RNC.

His small anarchist collective, RNCNotWelcome.org, runs a snitch line and an e-mail account where disgruntled employees of New York hotels, the Garden and the Republican Party itself can pass on information about conventioneers.

So far, the collective has received dozens of phone calls and hundreds of e-mails with inside dirt on GOP activities. Recently, a woman with a polished, middle-aged sounding voice left a message saying, ‘For some God-unknown reason I’m on the Republican mailing list, and they sent me what they call a list of their inner-circle events.’ The events hadn’t been publicized elsewhere, she said, and she wanted to fax the list to Moran.

Moran feeds information like this to a cadre of activists desperate to unleash four years’ worth of anger at the Bush administration. By dogging the delegates wherever they go, RNC Not Welcome hopes to make the Republicans’ lives hell for as long as they’re in New York.” (Interactivist Info Exchange)