Forbidden Photos, Anyone?

“Mike Epstein is not a terrorist, but if a proposed ban on photography on New York trains and buses goes into effect, he might very well find himself treated like one.

‘How can they ban photographing unusual sights aboard trains and in stations?’ wonders Epstein, who operates Satan’s Laundromat, a website dedicated to ‘urban decay, strange signage, and general weirdness.’ …

You bet. The MTA’s move to stop the shooting of unauthorized pictures or video has pissed-off everyone from photobloggers to subway advocates and free-speech activists. To show their opposition to the ban, a group of photographers plan to gather at the main information kiosk in Grand Central station this Sunday, June 6, at 1 p.m. They’ll fan out across several train lines, shooting photos throughout the system in a peaceful demonstration.” (Village Voice)