NRDC’s Timeline of the Bush Environmental Record

Via Bruce Sterling’s Viridian Notes:



Bush budget cuts lead poisoning prevention funding (04/11/04)

White House altered scientific findings on mercury threat (04/07/04)

Pentagon again seeking immunity from environmental laws (04/06/04)

Investigator resigns in protest over Interior’s cheating Native Americans out of energy royalties (04/06/04)

Mining company gets price break on federal land (04/02/04)


Court orders Energy Department to release more Cheney.task force records (03/31/04)

EPA chief Leavitt failing to lay down the law (03/31/04)

Yellowstone bison slaughtered to please ranchers (03/31/04)

EPA letting Clean Water Act violators off the hook (03/30/04)

EPA uses utility company memos to craft controversial mercury policy (03/30/04)

Interior Dept. defends loosening of ESA import ban (03/29/04)

Montreal Protocol shirked for U.S. pesticide interests (03/26/04)

Army Corps bends to pressure on Missouri River (03/26/04)


More drilling slated for Padre Island (02/27/04)

DOE holds nuke cleanup funds hostage (02/26/04)

More industry materials borrowed by EPA for its mercury rule (02/26/04)

Missouri River management plan ignores fish protections (02/26/04)

Fish and Wildlife Service gives sucker fish a break (02/25/04)

Bush cuts funding for endangered species (02/25/04)

Federal mining whistleblower silenced, demoted (02/24/04)

Get the lead out: EPA fails to protect D.C. drinking water (02/23/04)


EPA’s mercury pollution plan mirrors industry’s recommendations (01/30/04)

Bush administration leaves nuclear plant safety up to contractors (01/29/04)

Energy Department promoting carbon sequestration (01/27/04)

White House wants to let EPA ignore pesticide consultations (01/27/04)

EPA touts new, cleaner cars (01/26/04)

White House offers small funding boost for Northwest salmon recovery (01/26/04)

Forest Service to boost logging in Appalachian forests (01/23/04)

Forest Service drops “survey and manage” rule for loggers (01/23/04)



Federal court blocks EPA plan to cripple Clean Air Act (12/24/03)

Court blocks Bush administration’s Clean Air Act changes (12/24/03)

EPA revs up motorcycle pollution plan (12/23/03)

Another senior EPA official resigns in protest to Bush administration policies (12/23/03)

Forest Service clears way for logging in Tongass (12/23/03)

Bush administration streamlining oil and gas permits (12/23/03)

Forest Service opens grizzly bear habitat to snowmobiles (12/22/03)

New EPA mercury rule fails to account for ‘lost’ emissions (12/19/03)


Bush administration finally takes blame for Klamath fish kill (11/18/03)

Judge criticizes White House pro-industry mining rules (11/18/03)

EPA moves to fill landfills with radioactive waste (11/18/03)

Bush administration seeks increase in use of ozone-depleting pesticide (11/14/03)

Park Service workers speak out against Bush policies (11/13/03)

EPA considers exempting small business from toxic release reporting (11/12/03)

Revised Everglades recovery plan not worth the wait (11/04/03)

Superfund cleanups lag for third straight year (11/04/03)


White House considers dropping some fish protections to promote logging (10/31/03)

EPA tricks public, treats industry on dangerous pesticide (10/31/03)

Bush administration ignores damming evidence (10/29/03)

EPA refuses to tackle rising mercury pollution in Great Lakes region (10/29/03)

EPA may allow continued phosphate dumping in Gulf of Mexico (10/28/03)

Costly USFS and BLM outsourcing studies prove unhelpful (10/23/03)

EPA changes rule to exempt hazardous waste requirements (10/23/03)

EPA developing ways around the Clean Water Act (10/22/03)


EPA to issue daily air quality alerts (09/30/03)

White House study: benefits of environmental regulation far outweigh costs (09/29/03)

BLM opens millions of acres of wilderness to energy development (09/29/03)

EPA strikes deal with polluting factory farms (09/25/03)

White House recommendations could shut the public out of environmental review (09/24/03)

GAO finds that energy production pollutes wildlife refuges (09/24/03)

Corps of Engineers violates judge’s ruling, won’t lower Missouri River flows for wildlife (09/24/03)

Forest Service to sell Tongass timber at a loss (09/23/03)


EPA passes the buck on regulating global warming pollution from cars (08/28/03)

EPA on global warming gases: Bring ’em on! (08/28/03)

EPA officially rolls back Clean Air Act protections (08/27/03)

New EPA rules ignore mercury pollution from chlorine plants (08/27/03)

Corporations shaped Bush energy policy, GAO says (08/25/03)

Park Service spending less than promised (08/21/03)

Oily deal on offshore drilling rights (08/21/03)

President making empty promises on parks funding, critics say (08/15/03)


EPA hides research on Senate clean air plan (07/30/03)

Bush administration taking on illegal logging abroad (07/29/03)

U.S. Forest Service exempts some logging projects from environmental review (07/29/03)

Forest Service rewriting Yellowstone plans with a grizzly ending (07/26/03)

Out with outsourcing, Bush administration decides (07/25/03)

EPA reconsidering proposal to weaken Clean Air Act rule (07/25/03)

Criticism forces NPS not to raid Mount Rainier repair funds (07/24/03)

Bush climate plan all study, no action (07/24/03)


EPA rejects temporary ozone waiver for power plants (06/26/03)

Bush administration calls for more gas drilling on public lands (06/24/03)

White House whitewashes EPA environment report (06/23/03)

Fish and Wildlife Service reduces protected habitat for threatened mouse by half (06/23/03)

EPA concerned about Yellowstone snowmobiles (06/21/03)

DOD reneges on plan to test for perchlorate pollution at U.S. bases (06/20/03)

BLM vows to fix maligned land appraisal process (06/19/03)

Bush administration undermines critical habitat designations (06/18/03)


White House buries mountaintop mining regulation (05/30/03)

White House forest-fire plan axes environmental protections (05/30/03)

Park Service opens Maryland seashore to Jet Skis (05/30/03)

Interior giving up on endangered species protection (05/29/03)

EPA failing to keep track of water quality (05/27/03)

BLM opens fragile dunes ecosystem to off-road recreation (05/23/03)

BLM vows to fix flawed land-exchange program (05/23/03)

Bush administration cuts wildlife protection,boosts logging in Northwest forests (05/23/03)


EPA reports record drop in fuel economy (04/30/03)

BLM approves Powder River Basin development (04/30/03)

White House bans EPA from discussing perchlorate pollution (04/28/03)

EPA Administrator Whitman misusing agency investigators (04/26/03)

White House says “ready, aim, shoot” on wilderness (04/25/03)

Fish and Wildlife Service holds the line on habitat protection plans for imperiled wildlife in California (04/24/03)

White House unveils its pro-industry chemical security bill (04/24/03)

Forest Service permits grazing in violation of federal law, says judge (04/24/03)


U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposesstream protection in Alabama (03/28/03)

Whitman changes her tune on Pentagon environmental exemptions (03/26/03)

Interior Department favors boosting offshore drilling by reducing corporate costs (03/26/03)

National Park Service officially adopts snowmobile plan (03/25/03)

EPA backtracks on pledge to close loophole for California air polluters (03/25/03)

EPA cooks fish data to allow more pollution (03/21/03)

GAO slams Bush administration for stalling on chemical security (03/18/03)

Interior ordered to continue protecting manatees (03/18/03)


Interior officials escalate rhetoric over Arctic Refuge (02/28/03)

Bush administration rejects wilderness protection in Alaska’s Tongass (02/28/03)

Department of Transportation to expedite more environmentally harmful road projects (02/27/03)

Bush administration to build world’s first emission-free power plant (((Wow!))) (02/27/03)

U.S. EPA seeks to weaken endangered-species protections (02/27/03)

Bush air pollution plan weakens current law, threatens public health (02/27/03)

Bush administration flunking on salmon recovery (02/26/03)

Bush administration sets sights on drilling in Western Arctic Reserve (02/26/03)


New EPA air rules for ocean vessels too weak (01/31/03)

GAO faults EPA oversight on factory farms (01/31/03)

Bush administration seeks waiver on ozone-destroying pesticide (01/30/03)

BLM putting grazing restrictions out to pasture (01/30/03)

Bush snowmobile decision defies logic, not to mention scientific findings (01/30/03)

Polluting industries getting off easier under Bush administration (01/29/03)

Sierra Nevada forest protections under fire by Bush administration (01/29/03)

Bush administration wins court victory on mountaintop removal mining (01/29/03)



EPA exempts oil and gas industry from stormwater pollution rules (12/30/02)

Bush administration backtracking on policy of ‘no net loss” of wetlands (12/26/02)

Judge deals setback to Bush oil drilling plans in Utah (12/23/02)

Bush administration weakens federal program for cleaning up dirty waters (12/21/02)

Judge slaps restraining order on plan to dredge Snake River (12/20/02)

BLM denies drilling access in Colorado wildlife range (12/20/02)

Judge gives Department of Interior extension on manatee plan (12/19/02)

White House begins process of relaxing government regulations for industry (12/19/02)


Forest Service rewriting rules to increase logging, remove wildlife safeguards (11/26/02)

Bush administration wants to expedite logging at expense of fish in Northwest forests (11/25/02)

EPA proposes weakening of Clean Air Act (11/22/02)

Bush administration opens national park to drilling (11/22/02)

Interior plans to limit environmental reviews for grazing (11/18/02)

EPA agrees to clean up smog pollution (11/14/02)

Bush administration outlines steps for nuclear security (11/14/02)

Bush administration reverses snowmobile ban for national parks (11/12/02)


EPA halts funding at several Superfund sites (10/31/02)

Bush administration doles out political treats on Halloween (10/31/02)

EPA set to launch new study on causes of asthma (10/31/02)

Interior Department finally designates manatee-protection zones (10/31/02)

Interior Department joining fight for Nevada cat litter mine (10/31/02)

Energy Task Force: Tsk, Tsk, Tsk (10/30/02)

Interior Department to oppose commercial whaling (10/30/02)

EPA approves Louisiana’s controversial pollution-trading program (10/29/02)


New EPA water quality report shows U.S. waters are getting dirtier (09/30/02)

Bush administration rewriting rules to boost logging in Northwest (09/30/02)

Bush administration relinquishing federal water rights (09/30/02)

Bush administration revives controversial California gold mine (09/27/02)

Bush administration plans to lift federal protection on wolves (09/25/02)

Bush administration to reconsider Clean Water Act protections (09/19/02)

Forest Service smoothing the rails for Bush’s logging proposals (09/19/02)

Bush orders agencies to streamline environmental review of transportation projects (09/18/02)


Bush’s new wildfire expert no friend of forests (08/30/02)

Interior Dept. approves water storage under Mojave Desert (08/29/02)

U.S. undermines renewable energy proposal at World Summit (08/27/02)

White House Utah drilling plans under fire from local businesses (08/26/02)

Bush administration abandons California water plan (08/23/02)

Bush calls for increased logging in the name of fire prevention (08/22/02)

Interior Department allows more air pollution at national park (08/22/02)

Bush administration weakens whale protections that hindered oil and gas industry (08/22/02)


Bush administration supports protecting endangered foreign fish (07/31/02)

EPA seeks cleaner motorbikes, boats (07/29/02)

Bush uses national security to gain corporate secrecy and immunity (07/26/02)

Another EPA official resigns in protest over Bush policies (07/25/02)

Bush administration plans to give away oil and coal holdings in Utah (07/25/02)

Fish and Wildlife Service reneges on manatee protection plan (07/24/02)

Bush’s revised Everglades plan falls short of restoration goals (07/23/02)

EPA restores some Superfund monies (07/21/02)


Bush slashing EPA funding for toxic cleanups (06/30/02)

FWS flip-flops on trout protection (06/26/02)

EPA stymied investigation of Yucca Mountain radiation standards (06/25/02)

Snowmobiles to be restricted, not banned in parks (06/25/02)

Bush administration blames wildfires on environmentalists (06/25/02)

EPA backs off mandatory plan to clean up stormwater pollution (06/24/02)

Bush administration backtracks on land preservation (06/19/02)

Judge rejects Corps request to lift ban on mining pollution (06/17/02)


Bush blocks Florida Gulf, Glades drilling (05/29/02)

Bush administration lets construction companies off the hook for protecting environment (05/24/02)

Bush-Putin Summit Produces Deeply Flawed Nuclear Arms Treaty (05/24/02)

Bush administration rolls back air conditioner energy efficiency standards (05/23/02)

Army Corps of Engineers’ flip-flops on project reviews further damage its credibility (05/23/02)

Bush administration sends conflicting signal on Clean Air Act enforcement (05/21/02)

Bush administration lifts ban on mining in Oregon national forest (05/21/02)

Federal scientists say Columbia dredging won’t hurt salmon (05/20/02)


Powder River drilling leases ruled illegal (04/30/02)

Huge win in the battle over snowmobiles in national parks (04/30/02)

NRDC issues subpoena to former head of White House energy task force (04/29/02)

White House rejected more stringent EPA air-pollution proposal before issuing so-called “Clear Skies” plan (04/28/02)

Bush administration debates management of monuments (04/24/02)

Administration establishes habitat protections for endangered kangaroo rat (04/23/02)

Norton vows to limit Florida oil drilling (04/23/02)

EPA watchdog resigns in protest over Bush policies (04/22/02)


BLM proposal could doom California dunes (03/29/02)

Forest Service reverses mine approval (03/29/02)

Pentagon seeks exemption from environmental laws (03/29/02)

Bush administration revisiting Rocky Mountain Front protections (03/28/02)

BLM sets sights on drilling Powder River basin (03/27/02)

Energy Department papers show industry is the real author of administration’s energy policy (03/27/02)

White House misuses clean energy funds to print dirty energy plan (03/25/02)

Endangered species habitat under attack (03/19/02)


Energy Dept. ordered to release task force records to NRDC (02/27/02)

Top EPA official resigns in protest of Bush’s pro-polluter policies (02/27/02)

Bureau of Reclamation Klamath plan endangers fish (02/27/02)

EPA official admits that Bush clean air plan is weak (02/26/02)

Bush administration intends to shift Superfund cleanup from polluters to taxpayers (02/23/02)

BLM rule could block federal land protection (02/22/02)

Corps doesn’t give a dam for Snake River salmon (02/21/02)

Snowmobile ban dealt another blow (02/19/02)


Court asked to force immediate release of secret energy task force details (01/30/02)

Bush administration refusing to release energy task force records (01/28/02)

Agency pushes oil exploration near Utah park (01/24/02)

New NRDC report documents sweeping rollback of environmental protections by federal agencies (01/23/02)

Forest Service appeals salvage logging legal decision (01/22/02)

BLM backs gas drilling in national monument (01/21/02)

Interior proposes spending boost for refuges (01/21/02)

Coming Soon: More logging in the Pacific Northwest (01/18/02)



Sierra Nevada plan limits logging, grazing activities in California national forests (12/27/01)

Forest Service won’t allow drilling in New York’s Finger Lakes (12/18/01)

EPA enlists National Academy of Sciences on issue of human pesticide studies (12/15/01)

USFS guts protections for undeveloped forest lands (12/14/01)

DOE weakens standards for Yucca nuclear storage (12/14/01)

NRDC sues Department of Energy to expose Cheney energy task force secrets (12/11/01)

Interior calls for fiscal reform of mining law (12/10/01)

Snowmobile ban unlikely to be implemented in Yellowstone and Grand Teton (12/10/01)


Voyageurs National Park reopening areas to snowmobiles (11/29/01)

EPA may lift ban on human testing of pesticides (11/28/01)

White House plans deep cuts in environmental spending (11/28/01)

Forest Service makes hasty salvage logging decision, forces court battle (11/27/01)

Bush administration shutting down Everglades restoration office (11/06/01)

Bush signs Interior bill that boosts spending, but includes harmful riders (11/05/01)

Corps of Engineers ignores “no net loss” wetlands policy (11/02/01)


EPA issues an arsenic-in-tap-water standard higher than that recommended by public health advocates (10/31/01)

Norton Guts Tough Mining Protections (10/25/01)

EPA considers standards that could slow cleanup of PCBs in the Hudson River (10/04/01)

Forest chief asks Norton to end Oregon mining ban (10/02/01)

GAO slams Forest Service for poor fiscal management (10/01/01)


White House rule change could inflict “paralysis by analysis” on regulatory process (09/24/01)

Corps official uses terrorist attacks as excuse to weaken environmental protection (09/21/01)

USFS to reduce public participation (09/20/01)

DOE to fund biomass research (09/19/01)

Bush administration wants farm policy overhaul (09/19/01)

Bush backing away from pledge to clean up federal facilities (09/07/01)


Bush administration considers disposing of radioactive waste in consumer products (08/28/01)

Bush administration seeks to fast-track missile defense program, but coalition sues to force drafting of environmental impact statements (08/28/01)

Norton reneges on agreement to protect endangered desert tortoise (08/27/01)

Forest Service stalls roadless protection, allows logging to continue (08/22/01)

Bush administration appeals federal judge’s decision to ban drilling off California’s coast (08/17/01)

EPA postpones action on power plants, expected to favor limited approach (08/14/01)

Tongass and other forests open to roadbuilding, logging (08/12/01)

Army Corps of Engineers to weaken wetlands protections (08/08/01)


George W. Bush, the “vampire” slayer (07/31/01)

EPA wants to scrap air pollution regulations for power plants (07/26/01)

Bush unlikely to offer alternative global warming plan (07/26/01)

NRDC praises global warming agreement; calls on Bush to reconsider (07/23/01)

Norton balks at defending wildlife in the face of local opposition (07/23/01)

Bush seeking to weaken federal environmental enforcement (07/23/01)

White House favors limiting president’s authority to protect federal lands (07/17/01)

Bush outlines an ‘all talk, no action’ approach to global warming (07/13/01)


President Bush’s visit to Department of Energy a vain attempt to shore up his energy conservation credentials (06/28/01)

The Bush-Cheney Energy Plan: Players, Profits and Paybacks (06/20/01)

U.S. Department of Energy sued over final rule on air conditioners (06/19/01)

Bush will not change fuel efficiency standards (06/19/01)

NRDC Calls on Bush Administration to Abolish Current U.S. Nuclear War Plan (06/18/01)

BLM upholds “non-controversial” portion of hard rock mining rules (06/15/01)

NRDC to President Bush: Get serious about global warming (06/11/01)

EPA announces final radiation standards for Yucca Mountain waste repository (06/06/01)


Bush pledges improvements to maintenance of national parks (05/31/01)

EPA moves ahead with Clinton-era rule that will reduce haze over wildlands (05/29/01)

Bush administration formally suspends arsenic-in-drinking-water protections; NRDC rips decision (05/22/01)

President Bush releases his energy plan; NRDC offers a responsible alternative (05/17/01)

Agriculture secretary undercuts forest management process (05/17/01)

BLM fails to comply with agreement to protect threatened desert tortoises (05/12/01)

Bush administration won’t release information on industry participants in Cheney energy task force (05/10/01)

NRDC’s John Adams to President Bush: Don’t take the teeth out of the Clean Air Act (05/07/01)


Cheney sketches out a misguided energy policy (04/30/01)

Bush administration marks 100 days in office (04/29/01)

EPA drops objections to Florida rule that undermines Clean Water Act protections (04/26/01)

Interior will not reintroduce grizzly bears into Idaho, Montana wildlands (04/25/01)

Gale Norton nominates William G. Myers III as solicitor for Department of the Interior (04/24/01)

Yellowstone snowmobile ban goes into effect, but perhaps not for long (04/23/01)

Bush seeks to relax requirements of Endangered Species Act (04/09/01)

Bush supports U.N. treaty on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) (04/09/01)


Bush administration suspends the “contractor responsibility rule” (03/30/01)

Bush administration rejects Kyoto Protocol (03/28/01)

Bush administration delays hard-rock mining regulations that protect watersheds (03/21/01)

Bush withdraws new arsenic-in-drinking-water standard (03/20/01)

Bush administration settles pesticides lawsuit brought by NRDC against EPA (03/19/01)

Bush administration seeks to roll back Roadless Area Conservation Plan (03/16/01)

Bush retreats from campaign promise to reduce carbon pollution (03/13/01)

President nominates J. Steven Griles as deputy secretary of Interior (03/09/01)


EPA upholds Clinton decision to clean up diesel pollution (02/28/01)

Bush administration to try to adjust the boundaries of 19 new national monuments (02/20/01)

EPA delays, then upholds, new rule protecting wetlands (02/15/01)

Administration seeks to weaken efficiency standards for air conditioners (02/12/01)


Bush seeks to open Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil development (01/20/01)

New raw-sewage rules delayed by Bush regulatory freeze (01/20/01)

White House announces regulatory freeze (01/20/01)