You can save the endangered midlist author

‘Jane Austen Doe’ in Salon: “If you’re outraged because you’d rather live in a world of farmer’s markets and local bookstores than a world of Wal-Marts and Bland & Ignoble superstores, here are a few things you can do:

  1. Patronize independent bookstores. They sell online too. To find and/or order from the nearest one, go to Booksense. What you ‘save’ at chain and online bookstores isn’t worth what you lose.
  2. Read, buy, and tell your friends about non-blockbuster books. Attend readings by non-blockbuster authors.
  3. Encourage the institutions you deal with — schools, churches, book groups, professional organizations — to buy books from independent bookstores. Most offer substantial institutional discounts, and all of them — unlike Amazon and other online product pushers — pay taxes in your community.
  4. Read. Think. Enjoy and create culture. Encourage your friends, children, and politicians to do the same.
  5. 5. Support funding for the arts; fight like hell when moves are made to axe what little of it is left.”