Titan Missile Complex for Auction on eBay

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Huge Underground Facility in Central Washington State; US $3,950,000.00: “Underground tunnel level 5 stories below ground level.

Underground has a constant unheated temperature of 55 degrees.

Wall thicknesses 2 feet to 14 feet.

Built to withstand a 1 MEGATON blast within 3,000 feet and survive!

Private water system with 700′ well.

360 degree view. Few Neighbors. Private, secluded location.

Possible Uses: Ultra Secure, Ultra Private, Personal/Corporate Retreat

World Class Winery – Plant Vineyard above, Store Vintage below

Backup Data, or other long term storage

Year Round Youth Camp or Boarding School…”

1 silo could be a 155′ Rock Climbing Wall

1 silo could be a 100′ deep SCUBA Training Pool”