UK hospitals in battle to halt invasion of drug dealers

“Sniffer dogs are being used on psychiatric wards across England to root out drug-dealing, which is becoming rife among patients.” An estimated half of British psychiatric institutions have to contend with drug dealers operating in and around their facilities, according to a new study. It is difficult for staff to prevent visitors bringing drugs to patients as they cannot be searched, and staff are reluctant to call law enforcement authorities to deal with infractions for fear of violating patient confidentiality. For ‘cultural reasons’, the article says, staff may turn a blind eye to cannabis use, considering it a patient’s right to relax and enjoy themselves. —Guardian.UK Many schizophrenics, in particular, use cannabis, although it can exacerbate the paranoid feelings and hallucinations they suffer and it antagonizes the therapeutic effects of thier antipsychotic medications. But sniffer dogs??!!