A Webmaster’s 25th hour

Declan McCullagh: An interview with Sherman Austin:

“Sherman Austin is looking forward to a year in federal

prison with the kind of equanimity that most people reserve for a trip

to the doctor’s office.

The 20-year-old anarchist was charged with distributing information

about Molotov cocktails and “Drano bombs” on his Web site,

Raisethefist.com. Under a 1997 federal law championed by Sen. Dianne

Feinstein, D-Calif., it is illegal to publish such instructions with

the intent that readers commit “a federal crime of violence.

…Austin appears to be the first person so far convicted under the controversial law, which some First Amendment scholars say may violate the right to freedom of expression. Earlier this year, Austin pleaded guilty, and last week a federal judge in Los Angeles sentenced him to one year in prison.” CNET